Evening fun

When we work, we work hard, and when we have fun, there are no brakes. We do not know otherwise. The smile on the face of the conference participants is our challenge and satisfaction.

This year as well, the hard-working organizers of JavaCro conference bring you the best of the best within the available budget. We hope you all find in this program at least something that will make you happy.

We are aware that it is impossible to satisfy the tastes of all participants, but we do the whole program with the best intentions without wanting to hurt anyone's religious or secular beliefs. At JavaCro conference, all participants always have an alternative. You can always find another space with content that is more suitable for your taste.


Sponsor of the evening performers on Sunday and Monday is EPAM Systems !!!



"The Real Truth About Disco Dance" is the first dance Stand-Up in the region.

It’s a real spectacle of fun, laughter, dancing and interaction. This dance-entertainment show was accompanied by the biggest disco hits. There are over 50 dance movements in the play, which can be repeated by the audience.

Our eminent dancer Tomislav Tržan explains how the movements in disco dance originated, but in a humorous way in the style of Monty Python.

Bring dance shoes and join the dance and adopt some new disco moves!

Boardgame Geek Corner

We have provided a number of Top-hit boardgames that all participants will be able to play in the hotel lobby. Some of the games that will be able to play are: Terraforming Mars, Scythe, Adrenaline, Sanctum, Blood Rage, Tokaido, Deception, Camel Up, Azul, Skull, Patchwork, Shadows over Amsterdam, Letter Jam, Codenames, Fluxx, 7 Wonders, Imperial Settlers, Abyss, Mysterium, Dixit, Res Arcana, Kemet, Jamaica, Kingdomino, Celestia, Clank, Istanbul, Just one, Galaxy Trucker, 7 wonders duel, Ticket to ride Europe, Tapestry, Reef, Planet, Alchemist, Catan, Five Tribes, Civilization a new dawn and many others.

If you play Magic you can bring your own deck and play against Carta magic champion. Send us e-mail if you want to do so.


Bluzy Threesome from Sisak, one of the best Croatian blues bands

Bluzy Threesome were the winners of the 11th Croatian Blues Challenge 2019 and were given the opportunity to be the Croatian representative at the International Blues Challenge 2020 in Memphis, USA. Out of 240 bands from all over the world, they finished in the semifinals of the largest and most respected blues competition in the world and won 4th place.

Their repertoire includes well-known blues-rock standards, and this year they will release their first album with original compositions.

At the beginning of June 2022, they will perform as Croatian representatives at the European Blues Challenge in Malmö. The gig at our conference will be their pre-competition check-in for Sweden.

Teksas Hold'em 

Conference participants will be able to test their gambling skills in the tradicional Texas Hold'em Poker tournament.


Disclaimer: HrOUG & HUJAK reserves the right to change the program in whole or in part without notice or warning.