Room Type

Hotel Well in Tuhelj offers two types of rooms. Classic and Premium.

The difference is that the Classic rooms, although completely renovated, are located in the old part of the hotel, so they are slightly smaller than the Premium rooms located in the new part of the hotel. In the Premium rooms, the beds are slightly larger.

Below we bring you a couple of pictures and additional information about the rooms.

Classic room – French bed

Double room, French double bed size 160x200 cm; TV, minibar, AC, 17 m2 


Classic room – separated beds

Double room, two single beds size 90x200 cm; TV, minibar, AC, 19 m2 

 Premium room – separated beds

Double room with balcony, two single beds size 100x200 cm; TV, minibar, safe, AC, 26 m2, park or front view