Performance Enhancements using Virtual Threads and Modern Memory Management


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utorak, 17. svibanj 2022., 15:35


Dvorana B



Java's old Threads, created more than a quarter of a century ago, up till today successfully drove millions of Java applications. Additionally, Java's automatic memory management was efficiently performed for decades using garbage collectors such as Serial, Parallel, CMS, and Garbage First (G1). However, we believe that it is time to take a turn into modern and more efficient structured concurrency constructs, similar to Kotlin's coroutines, and introduce some contemporary scalable low-latency and region-based low-pause parallel and concurrent garbage collectors. Therefore, in this session, we present the benefits that applications can get by using lightweight Virtual Threads, presented as part of OpenJDK's Loom project and soon to be integrated into JDK, as well as utilizing contemporary garbage collectors such as Shenandoah and ZGC. Let us see together the bright future of Java's performance enhancement and accelerations using this new concurrent programming model and by applying other garbage collection methods, without reconstructing the essence of our applications.

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