The Present and Future of Java


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utorak, 17. svibanj 2022., 12:40


Dvorana A



In this community keynote brought to you by HUJAK, we present the current state of the tech ecosystem based on Java and related technologies as well as its bright future. This includes the foundation of the platform and virtual machine, features of Java and other programming languages based on it, an enormous number of frameworks, libraries, tools, and services, and most important – the community and people behind it all. For more than a quarter of the century, Java has been considered one of the best programming languages and the most widespread software development platform in the world. Therefore, we will take you on a journey through the most interesting features of the programming language and prospective new projects that are a part of it. We will mention many projects like Loom, Graal, Valhalla, Panama, and Amber, and new features such as Switch Expressions, Text Blocks, Pattern Matching, Records, Foreign Function and Memory API, Vector API, and Sealed Classes. We also intend to address the current state of software development and present the global developers' opinions as well as discuss challenges related to remote work, education, and employment. Please take your seat and join HUJAK as a local Java community in this interesting journey through the world of Java.

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